The ampoule looks empty / dried up / gone off?

Let us reassure you: there’s nothing wrong with the ampoules. This is a safety feature. We have buffered a little bit of liquid in the granules you can see clinging to the side of the ampoule. This forms a kind of gel which prevents leaking in the case of breakage. This enables us to ship it worldwide and (unlike those little bottles from other reagent sellers) minimizes the risks of contact with the skin for the user.

Do you have a test for....

And then some exotic, relatively new substance is mentioned…. We’re always working on new tests in an effort to keep up with market developments, but it is really difficult to get a hold of reliable samples. You are always welcome to send us a sample, with which we can experiment. 🙂

My Ketamine test is yellow?

Correctemundo! The natural color of this test is a golden orange yellow. This does not affect the reaction, it is supposed to be this way.

How should I keep the tests and can they expire?

Keep the tests in a cool and dark place (away form direct sunlight) and they will stay good for minimal 3 years. Unlike the bottled reagents that are around, EZ Tests will not go off.

The LSD test has no little ball?

That is correct, you do not need the little ball anymore. We have updated the formula and do not need the little ball anymore

Do you have the tracking number for me?

Please check your spam folders for an email from our shipper: KDZ, they send the tracking number as soon as they ship it.

Do you ship to ....?

Yes! EZ Tests can be shipped freely and without any problems anywhere in the world!

Do you do wholesale?

Yes of course! We’ll be happy to supply you and your shop with our fine tests! Please go to: http://www.eztestwholesale.com and take it form there. Shops and other harm reduction organizations get special price deals.

Are your products legal?

Yes. Our products do not contain any controlled substances and are completely legal to own, ship, sell and distribute.

Can your tests detect mixtures?

This is a difficult one, yes and no… In general a darker color will override a lighter color reaction which makes it difficult to detect mixtures. On the other hand, mixtures often cause the reaction to show a weird color so any reaction that is fundamentally different from what is indicated on the leaflet should be viewed with great suspicion. Please do not forget that these tests are meant to serve as a presumtive drug identification test. If you need to know exactly what is in a sample you should find a lab where they do GC/MS or HPLC analysis.

Company Information

EZ Test is a company registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Our full company data are:

EZ Test
Dijksgracht 17A
1019 BT Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam: 33292190
VAT Number: NL103229899B01

To reach us: please use our contact form or write an email to helpdesk@eztest.com

You can leave a message on this number: +31 6 26626486

We do not answer the phone 24/7 because of the global nature of our business but we do our best. Thank you for understanding.

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